We love to hear feedback from our happy customers and we want to share some of that with our prospective clients to let you know what others think about Paw Crossing.

Paw Crossing is wonderful! When we got Sonny as a puppy, we quickly realized that driving Sonny to the nearest dog daycare several towns away in the opposite direction of our jobs every day was not going to be sustainable. So instead, we found Paw Crossing and are so glad we did.


Sonny at the beach

From feeding Sonny his puppy lunches to sending us text updates after each walk to even making time for Sonny on a major holiday, Paw Crossing has always been accommodating, generous with his time and made us feel that Sonny is in great hands. From the first day Bryan met Sonny, we could tell Bryan cared about dogs and looked forward to spending time with ours.

After a year of daily walks, we had a change of jobs and were now able to bring Sonny to work, no longer needing a daily dog walker. We were sad for Sonny; he loved his visits. During what we thought was their last visit together, Bryan sent his usual text update but surprised us with a photo– over the past months, he had been teaching Sonny how to sit pretty !

Thankfully for Sonny, it turns out that there are still plenty of days that we need a dog walker. Although we’re pretty certain Sonny gets more excited to see Bryan walk through the door than to see either of us, we couldn’t be happier to leave Sonny in the morning and know one of his favorite pals is going to be visiting him midday, and maybe teach him a trick or two.

– Lauren

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