Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in using your service, how do I sign up?

A: You can contact us via email at, call us at 781-269-1880 or fill out the contact form our website

Q: What areas or towns do you cover?
A: We currently cover Norwood, Westwood and surrounding area.

Q: What are the advantages of a dog walker over a daycare or kennel?
A: Doggie daycare is not for everyone. Similar to children in a group setting occasionally puppies can contract illnesses in daycare, pick up bad habits or experience in such a large group. It is truly an individual decision but our clients tend to prefer 1:1 care for their dogs or small group options.

Q: Is the company bonded and insured?
A: Yes. We are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

Q: Do you have references?
A: Yes, available upon request.

Q: Do you only care for dogs?
A: No we have extensive experience with cats, rabbits, hamsters, and chickens, yes chickens. We have 6 chickens our own. If you have a need for any of these pet services please call us to discuss (781-269-1880).

Q: Do you only accept well-trained dogs?
A: No we accept all types of dogs. We understand all dogs learn at different rates. Please see our policies as some types of visits are not recommended for dogs who are not well-trained. Also see our policy for challenging dogs.

Q: Can you walk my dog at an exact time each day?
A: We do try to walk all our dogs at consistent times however, based on the day and location of dogs for the day your dog may be walked within 1 hour of your requested time. Regularly scheduled clients do receive scheduling preference.

Q: What if I need a last minute visit?
A: We understand that lives are busy. Sometimes disaster strikes at work or sometimes you get invited out after work and just need someone to feed your dog and let them out. Please call us, if we are at all able to help we will. This service not guaranteed but we can usually accommodate.

Q: Do you offer a discount?
A: We allow customers to purchase 12 packs of 30 minute walks or 12 packs of 60 min walks. By doing this you pay for the walks up front but you get discounted pricing. You get 12 walks for the price of 11.

Q: Do you offer a discount if we have two dogs?
A: We charge an additional $7 for 30 minute walks or $10 for 60 minute walks or excursions. This discount does not apply for puppy services .

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: You must cancel within 24 hours to not be charged. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be charged $15.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: You can pay by check, cash or on-line by credit card. Payments are due within 7 days of invoice. See policies for details.

Q: Do I have to sign up for the same thing all the time?
A: No. Feel free to vary the visits for your dog.

Q: Do you take clients just for vacations or occasional visits?
A: YES! Some people are generally home and can care for pets but need occasional help. We can help you, but please be flexible as we will schedule your visits around our regularly scheduled clients.

Q: Do you take clients on weekends?
A: We generally can accommodate weekend visits but since we are a small hands-on business there are occasions where our family commitments interfere with being able to accommodate these requests. There is an additional charge of $5 for weekend visits (see policies).

Q: Do you take clients on holidays?
A: We generally can accommodate holiday visit requests but since we are a small hands-on business there are occasions where our family commitments interfere with being able to accommodate these requests. There is an additional charge of $10 for major holiday visits and $5 for minor holiday visits (see policies).

Q: Do you offer pet sitting?
A: We can occasionally accommodate pet sitting in our house but your dog must be comfortable with children and other animals as well as house broken. We can also try to accommodate coming to your house a few times during the day while you are away so your pet can stay in the comfort of their own home. Please call about these services to determine the best fit for your situation and also for pricing.

Call us at 781-269-1880 or email